Field Hockey Shoes:

Hockey is a most popular game in the world. Buying the best hockey shoes is one of the most important aspects of getting kids started in the sport. As well as field hockey shoes are essential for a field hockey player.  The best hockey shoes can make you a powerful player. Most of us did not take it seriously. Also, a poor type of field hockey shoes can prevent your natural play. If you did not feel comfortable wearing the shoe when you playing, you can not give full effort to play naturally. your concentration will go on the shoe.

but every hockey player needs to be dedicated and able to concentrate at all times in the heat of battle, he or she is a final line of support. As well as it is considered individuals to become the most important player on the glaciers. Therefore a great performance or a crucial conserve at an important stage in the game. It can elevate the performance of the whole team resulting in many victories. Playing hockey is very rewarding when you win and can be exasperating when you lose.

Here is another important advice for a great hockey player. Playing is great fun but requires hard work and practice. The best part is that your teammates think of you as being a little or a great deal peculiar. For this reason, we should buy best-filed hockey shoes to play natural hockey.

There have lots of hockey shoe brands for a field hockey player. And among that Adidas hockey shoes is one of the best brands. The most popular and famous top 5 best hockey shoes brands are given below:


Top 5 Brands Best Hockey shoes:

  1. Grays Hockey Shoes
  2. Kookaburra Hockey Shoes
  3. Asics Field Hockey Shoes
  4. Adidas Hockey Shoes
  5. Puma Hockey Shoes

1. GRAYS Hockey Shoes:

Grays is one of the best hockey shoes in the world. The CAGE all surface traction shoe is the most creative shoe ever to be propelled into the hockey showcase place. Designed for Elite players searching for exceptional execution the CAGE AST is pressed loaded with unique features to enhance your diversion.


  • Grays GX12000 is the best for both beginners and professional players. Also, it is well fitted as well as lightweight field hockey shoes
  • G-Lite upper microfiber produce more comfort
  • Synthetic cage gives you support at the rear of the shoe
  • Grays G8000 G-Tuff increase toe bumper reinforces protects the forefoot
  • G-Tech Pro sole unit makes suitable for sand and water based pitches
  • Forefoot flex grooves
  • EVA midsole exposed characteristic foot development
  • Gray Gx1200 filed hockey shoes Impact Pro provides arch support
  • G-Cage XP2 upper, joining elite welded G-Cage
  • Ultra lightweight upper outline utilizing sturdy PU compound and mesh
  • Anti-fatigue Torsion System improves flexibility, propulsion, and shock absorption
  • Against weakness, Torsion System enhances adaptability, drive and shock absorption
  • G-Tech II Pro Sole unit utilizes multi-directional spikes, appropriate for sand
  • Flex-free innovation enhance acceleration
  • Ultra delicate flexible foam guarantees a customized fit.
  • XFit tongue with warm responsive flexible foam
  • Cutting edge Midsole EVA mixes help to give flexibility and durability, shock absorption and padding
  • Effect Protection System gives included additional effect insurance foot strike

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2. kookaburra hockey shoes:

Kookaburra flare is another best field hockey shoes for hockey players. Kookaburra’s new hockey footwear collection is more specialized and smart than any other time.  Our 2018 range offers low profile shoes with fantastic mid-foot stability by means of our anti-roll cage technology. Worked for speed and durability. Modified Kookaburra ‘ cage technology offering necessary mid-foot support. Acclaimed hockey particular outsole to give awesome traction and grip.  Latex secured durable upper for included water resistance and durability. Advanced EVA midsole for predominant shock absorption. Stitched toe area for upgraded durability. Padded tongue for enhanced comfort and fit. Lightweight shoe with foot rear area and front help to decrease shockwaves.

  •  it is more durable and stylish.
  • Flare has anti-roll case technology
  • Midfoot stability
  • kookaburra hockey shoes are designed for both speed and durability
  • durable upper produce comfort and protection
  • Water Resistance – therefore feet will keep warm and dry during play
  • Anti Roll cage Technology give essential midfoot stability
  • Padded Tongue give comfort and fit
  • EVA Midsole exposed exceptional cushioning and comfort
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3. Asics Field Hockey Shoes:

This best in class field hockey shoes are perfect for hard ground, turf, and wet surfaces. A 10mm raised gradient heel decrease strain on the leg. GEL Cushioning System constricts affect stun, and a durable Solute Midsole Material adds to the comfort and support.

In 1949, Mr. Kihachiro Onitsuka started his athletic footwear organization (Onitsuka Co., Ltd.) by producing basketball shoes out of his living room in Kobe, Japan. He picked the name ASICS for his organization in 1977. Based on a popular Latin phrase “Anima Sana In Corpore Sano,” which, when translated, communicates the old perfect of “A Sound Mind in a Sound Body.” Taking the acronym of this expression, ASICS was established on the conviction that the most ideal approach to make a solid and upbeat way of life is to advance aggregate health and fitness. Today, ASICS offers a full line of execution driven athletic shoes. As well as specialized dynamic games clothing and accessories dedicated to bringing harmony to the body and soul.

  • Asics hockey shoes famous for international all-star
  • Gel Neo field hockey shoe features increase cushioning and stability
  • Mesh upper sole provide comfort and stylish
  • PGuard protects toe as well as enhanced midfoot and comfort.
  • Lace closure will support for the snug fit.
  • Textile lining is breathable
  • Midsole will reduce the weight for its Trusstic™ reinforce
  • As well as the DuoMax midsole system enhances support and stability.
  • GEL rearfoot cushioning produce all-day comfort.
  • Reliable Rubber Sole
  • synthetic


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4. Adidas Hockey Shoes:

The Adidas is another best hockey shoes for a hockey player. If you want to play with comfort and protect your foot from serious injury, then you should buy Adidas hockey shoe. The main feature of this field hockey shoes are given below:

  • Synthetic top – Make for a cozy and durable build whilst making sure a comfy suit.
  • Neoprene – A soft fabric that is superb for wicking away moisture as well as preserving warmth.
  • Bootee-fashion production – facilitates to preserve water and dirt out of the shoe.
  • Midfoot aid – Giving the wearer a tight, secure in shape and feel.
  • TPU Rubber Outsole – offers turf grip and allows with acceleration.
  • Adidas hockey shoes designed for comfort and fast acceleration.

Those guys lightweight hockey shoes are designed to offer you the sure-footed acceleration you need to attack the net. therefore the Adidas Hockey Lux Shoe is made with an artificial and fabric top which offers a supportive and comfy match across the top of the foot. Also, NeoPrene cloth has been used across the ankle to save you dirt and debris moving into the shoe, allowing for clean and comfortable wear.

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5. Puma Hockey Shoes:

  • imported
  • synthetic
  • Rubber sole gives turf grip as well as allows with acceleration
  • Mesh upper as well as lightweight
  • Breathable textile line
  • It is a comfortable and flexible hockey shoe

The additional reinforcement that hockey players needs on their shoes are here reproduced with two horizontal cowhide overlays. This form includes a denim upper, made for an urban look in the city.

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Is the top 5 best hockey shoes review list too consistently for you? While picking the best field hockey shoes for you, the most imperative factor to consider is the thing that you require from your shoe. If you are looking athletic wear, standard wear, or essentially pure style, there is a hockey shoe for you. Do whatever it takes not to be reluctant to endeavor various styles of hockey brands. A champion among the most extraordinary parts of a brand like Adidas is the ability to empower the shoe to fit into your lifestyle. Start with one style and continue with your hockey adventure for a significantly long time to come.

When hoping to buy a fresh pair of shoes that you’re anticipating wearing everyday game, it’s vital to know your shoes will be comfortable and dependable. Brand reputation is an extremely, applicable approach to survey organizations and easily discover the best ideal shoes.

Making a decent brand reputation isn’t simple, however. Organizations need to strive to make features and outlines that give prevalence from whatever is left of their rivals. While the above brands are regularly perceived as hockey shoe brands, also, they are exceptionally respectable in youth shoes everyday game.

Hockey Hall of Fame Inductees:

The 2012 Hockey Hall of Fame inductees were Joe Sakic, Mats Sundin, Adam Oates, and Pavel Bure. These four were selected from a list of seventeen candidates. Bure had to wait for six years after he became eligible and Oates had to wait five years. Both Sundin and Sakic made it in their first year of eligibility. Following is a brief recap of the careers of the four 2012 Hockey Hall of Fame inductees:

Joe Sakic:

One of the game’s greatest ambassadors and a true gentleman. Sakic played his entire career with the Quebec Nordiques/Colorado Avalanche franchise. He won two Stanley Cups, numerous individual awards including league MVP, voted to 13 all-star games and led Canada to Olympic gold in 2002 when he won tournament MVP. One of the most productive forwards of all time Joe had six seasons over 100 points and is currently 9th on the all-time points list. Today, Joe’s retired #19 hangs from the rafters of Colorado’s Pepsi Center.

Mats Sundin:

The second Swedish born player to ever be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame. Sundin was a first overall draft pick of the Quebec Nordiques in 1989 where he played four seasons before being traded to Toronto. In his 13 years with Toronto, he was team captain for 11 years. Except for his rookie season, the shortened lockout season and his last half season with Vancouver he scored at least 70 points every year. During his entire career, he averaged over a point a game. Internationally, Mats won three gold medals at the World Championships and a gold at the Olympics playing for Sweden.

Adam Oates:

Adam began his NHL hockey career with the Detroit Red Wings in the 1985 – 86 season. Known as a set-up man and playmaker he had more assists in the 1990s than any player except Gretzky. Setting up guys like Brett Hull in St. Louis, Cam Neely in Boston and Peter Bondra in Washington he amassed 1079 assists and 1420 points in 1337 games. He reached the Stanley Cup finals twice, was a six-time Lady Byng nominee and played in five all-star games. Incidentally, he was named Washington’s head coach on the day of his induction. Not bad for a kid who was never drafted.

Pavel Bure:

The “Russian Rocket” dazzled with his lightning speed and dipsy doodle moves. Too bad his bum knees shortened a stellar career where he scored 437 goals and a total of 779 points in just 702 games. In five of his eleven NHL seasons, he scored 50 or more goals including two 60 goal seasons. Bure also starred in three World Junior Championships, winning one gold and two silver medals, won a gold and silver in the World Championships and a silver and bronze at the Olympics.

With the NHL Annual Awards night and the NHL Draft just completed, the naming of the 2012 Hockey Hall of Fame inductees capped a fun week in hockey with the stars of today, tomorrow and yesterday all sharing in the spotlight. These three important events officially brought a close to the 2011-2012 season and the NHL can now begin preparations for next year.


How to learn Hockey:

How to learn hockey is not as simple or as easy as first meets the eye. What started out as a basic stick and ball game has evolved into a sport that is great fun for players and spectators alike. This great game has something to appeal to everyone. It is fast paced and played under unnatural conditions. It is both graceful and skillful and at the same time downright dangerous and dirty. Luckily, to appreciate the game as a spectator and fan only requires that you have a basic knowledge of the game. Start by learning some game nomenclature such as icing and offside.

Know the length of a period, how many periods in a game and how overtime works. Learn what is a power play, a penalty kill, and sudden death. As your knowledge and appreciation grow so will your love of the game. You will soon be an expert on tripping, high sticking, butt-ending, and elbowing. Also, You will be able to differentiate between a minor and misconduct, a great save or a routine play and a defenseman and forward. Moreover, you will know when a goalie is standing on his head or a referee is out to lunch. To learn to play hockey requires skills that do not come naturally but never the less have to be mastered.

It requires knowledge, dexterity, physical prowess, toughness, and hand/eye coordination. To play at a high level requires commitment, dedication, athleticism and a love of the game. Hours and hours, months and months and years and years of practice and game experience are required.

Basic Hockey Fundamentals:

How to learn hockey as a player requires that you first learn four basic hockey fundamentals. These are, in order of importance, skating, hockey knowledge, stick handling, and shooting. Of course, there are many more aspects to the game which will be learned as you play and gain experience but start with these four:


Before joining any hockey program you must learn how to skate on ice. You don’t have to be an expert but you should be able to get around the rink doing basic starts and stops. You should be able to turn in both directions and be able to skate both forward and backward. Hopefully, there are “learn to skate” classes available in your area.

Hockey Knowledge:

Thankfully, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to acquire hockey knowledge. Read a couple of hockey books, understand rules and regulations and watch a few hockey games. This should be enough to get you started along your path to stardom.

Stick Handling:

This is a skill you can work on without even going to the rink. All you need is a basic hockey stick, a ball, and room to move. “Cup” the ball with your stick in front of you as you move it back and forth. Try to do this by feel while looking ahead, not down at the ball.


You can’t score if you can’t shoot and you can’t pass if you can’t shoot. Again you can practice this at home with your stick and ball and a blank wall. Practice shooting forehand and backhand, low shots and high shots. Remember to keep your head up, aim and follow through to your target. Once you have learned these basics you will be ready to join a league and start to really enjoy the wonderful game of hockey. Don’t wait to become an expert in these skills because you will become more proficient as you practice and have real game experience. Many online hockey stores have training aids to assist your quest in how to learn hockey.


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