Adidas Adizero Hockey Shoes Review:

Adidas Adizero hockey shoes are one of the best hockey shoes for a hockey player. In this Adidas Adizero hockey shoes review, we will discover the feature of this field hockey shoes. As well as before going to deeply explain, we have to know why we should buy the best field hockey shoes. Adidas Adizero hockey shoes not only best for men, also best for women’s hockey players.

Design & Color

Why Should Buy This Adidas Adizero Hockey Shoes:

You don’ play hockey wearing your regular sports shoes. You need shoes with much better traction or grip and tread, or you would end up with bruises due to frequent tripping and sliding. Hockey is played by young boys or professional men’s players, and they all need durable hockey shoes. Junior hockey shoes or men’s hockey shoes should have sharp studs for enhanced traction and grip. In addition, good traction, grip, and comfort is another important factor. Adidas Adizero hockey shoes have all of these features. Also, you have several things to consider when shopping for hockey. Before going to buy read the below Adidas Adizero hockey shoes review and then take your decision.

Suitable For All Kind of Hockey Players:

Check the requirements of your hockey league for shoes. Your league may have specific requirements for players at particular age bracket. There may be required specifications for junior hockey shoes, which is different from those for professional hockey shoes. For instance, young boys may have to wear molded ones that have polyurethane studs. Elderly players may need those with metal studs. For this reason, Adidas Adizero hockey shoes are designed for both junior hockey players and professional hockey players such that they can include the specific feature. Therefore it is suitable for all kind of players.

Suitable for All Ground:

Determine ground you will be playing on. If you are playing on the ground with soft soil, you need to wear those with long studs, as longer ones provide better traction and grip when running on soft soil. On hard surfaces, shoes with short studs should be perfect. Professional players generally need more than one type of these kinds of footwear. Adidas Adizero is suitable for all types of ground.

Adidas Adizero hockey shoes review

Perfect Fit:

The perfect fit is very important. No matter how good the quality of these sports footwear is, if they do not fit right, they will cause much discomfort. When trying shoes at a store, make sure you are wearing Adidas Adizero for your hockey footwear. These kinds of footwear should feel comfortable, especially on the toes, as they should never hit the front interior of the shoe.

Check how the shoes fit. A nice cleat is one that has the hook-and-eye loop tape that allows a better fit. You will know when the shoes are perfect when they fit comfortably without extra room for your foot to move inside. Hockey shoes are distinct from those worn in other types of sports. Like most running shoes though, they need to provide a comfortable fit and good traction. Remember that a good grip is mainly provided by the studs, which allow accident-free movement on wet, slippery surfaces.

Adidas Adizero Hockey Shoes

High-Quality Materials:

The material that this footwear is made of is important as well. Those made of leather are good, because it allows your feet to breathe, but leather ones are not that friendly to the pockets, and should only be opted for by serious professionals. Synthetic materials are cheaper. These are good materials for junior hockey shoes. Teenage boys would need different shoes every year because they grow fast during the teenage years. Buying expensive shoes for them may be an uneconomical option.

Molded or removable shoes? While a cleat may refer to the actual shoes, it may also, it can refer to an attachment under it. It is also important to discuss this one. What is the difference between molded and removable ones? A molded type is the one that is attached to the shoe. Repairing damaged molded ones are expensive. The removable kind, on the other hand, can be replaced or removed, and are suitable for players who play in several environments. The disadvantage of removable ones, however, is that they do not last long.

Adidas Adizero Hockey Shoes Feature:

  • Adidas Adizero Hockey Shoes are lightweight and designed to provider the sure-footed acceleration which is needed to attack for the goal.
  • Breathable upper a lightweight honeycomb RPU design guarantee that your upper stays stable with a specific end goal to amplify your execution on the hockey pitch. And in addition, keeping you stable, this upper additionally shields your foot, giving you considerably more certainty and inspiration with the goal for you to be taking care of business.
  • At the same time, the shoes still figure out how to be breathable, so your feet remain pleasant and cool, therefore making them comfortable even while experiencing strenuous exercises.
  • AdiPrene is extraordinary padding inside the rear area and forefoot footbed of the shoe, that enable for shock absorption. As a result, improve the comfort of this shoe.
  • AdiPrene+ is exceptional padding situated under the toes, which as well, empower awesome shock absorption, however it additionally includes drive, with a specific end goal to help you to jump for the objective when you have the ball.
  • Together these advancements imply that this shoe isn’t just extremely agreeable however ready to help you on the pitch.
  • Adidas Adizero performance TPU outsole increases traction and grip, as well as enable for quick acceleration with greate protection
  • Made for aggressive, as well as high-intensity play
  • RPU Upper – Lightweight honeycomb RPU design makes a flexible and stable upper which offers protection yet at the same time enables the foot to relax.
  • AdiPrene+ – Placed in the forefoot to keep up drive and productivity.
  • EVA – Shock engrossing EVA in the foot sole area decreases the effect and expands comfort.
  • Adizero Hockey – High execution TPU outsole improves grip and takes into consideration quick speeding up


Adidas Adizero Hockey Shoes Review:

Upper: The ultra lightweight honeycomb-like RPU design makes a highly flexible, durable and stable upper to withstand all forces and impact on the pitch, while still allowing the foot to breathe. The upper is both ultralight and incredibly supportive combined with the heal counter to grip the feet smoothly in place. Adidas Adizero hockey shoes help to make comfortable during the elite performance.

Midsole: Midsole is made by AdiPrene and AdiPrene+ Technology. AdiPrene is a special cushioning within the heel and forefoot footbed of the shoe, that allows for great shock absorption. Therefore increases the overall comfort of the shoe.

Arch: Medium and High

Arch Support: Neutral

Outsole: The TPU outsole implies that this Hockey Shoe has extraordinary traction and grip, which takes into consideration more noteworthy speeding up and easy direction changes guaranteeing you can simply have your eye on the ball. TPU additionally implies that these shoes have incredible durability, so you won’t need to stress over breaking down shoes on the pitch.

Release for: Adidas Adizero designed for the 2016 Rio Olympic game.

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