DVS Skateboard Shoes in 2021

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Obscura Convict DVS Shoes or Skateboard Shoes:

DVS Skateboard Shoes

Every year, clothes and shoe suppliers prefer to roll out the red carpet for brand new DVS skateboard shoes products that they have developed. The brand DVS skateboard shoes aren’t any different! One of their new products is called “Obscura Convict”. This skateboard shoe was a hot selling product this season, retailers could hardly keep this DVS shoes on their websites as well as their shelves. This product sells at approximately $59 – $79. It features a complete mesh upper, and it is very durable made for the wear that skaters can put upon them. It is available in a classic black color. They are also water friendly in case one likes to beat around in water pools.

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Daewon DVS Skateboard Shoes:

Daewon is Another hot product. These DVS skateboard shoes sell at approximately $40 – $120. It features a suede upper, and comes with the same durable, long-lasting technologies as the “Obscura Convict”. Daewon skateboard shoes are also available in the classic black color. The product even though suede, allows the foot to breathe, therefore it does not become as hot and tired.

Militia DVS Skateboard Shoes:

Next up is their Militia DVS skateboard shoes. It is very lightweight but one of their most durable, long lasting products. However, it also has durable,  breathable mesh going without running shoes. It has hidden wide lace top hoops to it as well, in case one chooses that they want to leave the laces out of them. These skateboard shoes are available in a black and white color with a breathable tongue. It retails at approximately $60.00.

The Militia JJ|Qq|Pocket 10s is another snowfall DVS shoes. It is available in suntan|bronze|brown|color nubuck, and it has a breathable mesh lining. It is composed of a suntan nubuck leather, and it also as well is waterproof. DVS Militia is very lightweight. However, making them easy to run in, for those who do need to run. They can tease on their website, that they are so lightweight you could outrun a cop with them. The average retail price of these shoes is $90.00.

Premier DVS Shoes or Skateboard Shoes:

This Year’s Premier wakeskate item takes on athletic running shoes look, using its gray and white colors. It features a breathable mesh paneling and midsole. It also features a nonslip grip and tongue straps. The average market price of this product is $69.95 Cash.

Westridge DVS Shoes or Skateboard Shoes:

The Westridge skateboard shoes is another hot selling DVS shoes to wear in the snowfall. DVS shoes “Westridge” is a nubuck natural leather mid height product. It features a moisture wick lining on the inside, which helps keep your legs nice and dry. It also features a water waterproof upper, so you don’t need to spray all of them a waterproof spray to avoid damaging them. The outsole has a cold grip technology, which makes it easy to travel through the snow and ice of winter, therefore you will not slip and injured yourself. It comes in the classic color of black and retails at an average $92.00 Cash.

The aforementioned products are just a few of the brand new items available for this year’s twelve months. You can even find more featured on their website, as well as the company offers free shipping within the United States.

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