Few Information About Soccer Shoes

The increase in foot and leg  related injuries are more surprising rather than the increased popularity of soccer. For players, parents, and coaches it is important to understand what role soccer shoes development performs in both triggering and preventing injury. To support the studs the soccer shoes is constructed with a flat footbed. This results in a lack of arch support. Allowing for excessive foot pro-nation. As well as little or no cushioning to absorb shock at heel strike. Excessive foot pronation, as well as repetitive shock, can lead to injuries such as heel pain, severs disease, Achilles tendinitis, plantar fascistic and shin splints.

Most soccer shoes are constructed without a midsole. The midsole of running shoes is the foam cushioning material between the upper and the tread. It provides the shoe with shock absorption as well as improves the heel. It is now recognized that this lack of midsole and lack of heel elevation in soccer shoes can contribute to hamstring and Achilles tendon injuries normally seen in soccer players.  Recognizing that the traditional low profile shoe design was triggering the development of injuries. Some soccer shoes companies now design soccer shoes  incorporating a running shoe-like wedged midsole.

Recent research by an Foreign podiatrist has found that this new wedge midsole design locations less stress and strain on muscles in the legs when compared to the traditional shoe design.  Increasing 10mm heel can changed the angle of the hip, knee and ankle. The combination of improved shock absorption and the 10mm heel raise gradient, helps to prevent injury and improve performance.

KITH X Adidas Soccer Shoes New Release :

Therefore to keep in mind the above issue, shoes and clothing designer Ronnie Fieg design a new soccer shoes KITH X Adidas.
Moreover Ronnie Fieg also owner of retails establishment Kith born in Queens New York City. He was a stock boy. As well as salesman for footwear chain David Z. That time he was 13 years old. After that he became assistant manager and then manager. Finally buyer for David Z.

After observation the previous lineup with it lots of different soccer shoes and soccer-inspired lifestyle sneakers. The Adidas KITH collection narrows it down on just one model the Nemeziz.

There are laceless Nemeziz 17+ cleats. Nemeziz Ultra Boost and Nemeziz Tango 17.1 sneakers for all KITH teams.

Hence Adidas soccer KITH X copra mundial clean KITH cobras design with a head turning kangaroo leather cleat with an ultra boost inspired copper heel. As well as update turf trainer in a head turning yellow. And a brand new ultra boost featuring premium leather instead of the usual primeknit.