Dance Shoes: 

Dance shoes are the most important accessories for a dancer. When it comes to discovering the best dance shoes products, you can find a lot of different unique brands. and each one of these brands has various advantages or offering points. As you’re storing increase your dance shoe equipment with all the necessary kinds of products, which brands you would like it?  The ones you choose will depend on several tastes and possibilities. As well as financial decisions. In this article, we discover top 5 best dance shoes brands in 2019.

Top 5 Best Dance Shoes Brands:

If you are a professional dancer, then you choosing the best dance shoes brands must. Here are top 5 new high quality best dance shoes brands for ballroom, salsa, and Latin dance for both men & women. Capezio, Sansha & Bloch one of them

  1. Capezio  
  2. Sansha 
  3. Bloch 
  4. Mirella
  5. Miller & Ben

1. Capezio Dance Shoes 

Capezio makes a complete lineup of high-quality best dance shoe for a dancer.  It also makes high-quality equipment, such as is clothing, skates shoe, accessories and more. Undoubtedly, you will find everything you need for your shoe package from them if you want. As well as All of their products from ballet slippers to character shoe comes classified throughout unique lines. That is why Capezio dance shoes are the most demandable and popular in the world. The current top quality series from Capezio is their “Latin Dance Shoes” brand. As well as more Capezio Pointe shoe for Womens :

  1. 550 Tan Junior Footlight
  2. Daisy 205 Ballet Shoe
  3. DS11 Fierce Dansneaker
  4. N625C Tap Shoe
  5. Canvas Dance Sneaker
  6. Footlight T-Strap  Shoe
  7. Leather Pirouette II Dance Shoe
  8. EJ1 E-Series Jazz Shoe
  9.  Manhattan Character Shoe
  10. SD02 Rosa 2.5″ Flared-Heel Sandal
  11. Latin Dance Shoes

and Capezio Pointe shoe for Mens:

Therefore we can say these lines have different feature and pricing points. Also, they are made for the dancer of different styles and versatile color.

 The feature of the Capezio Dance Shoes:

  • Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Leather sole
  • Heeled dance shoe featuring smoothly folded edge topline and buckled top strap
  • Compatible with Tele Tone toe, Duo Tone heel, or Selva Staccato taps (not attached)
  • Padded insole with arch cookie support
  • Moisture-absorbing brushed microfiber lining
  • Refer to the Shoe fit guide in images for proper sizing.
  • Constructed of high quality, lightweight, soft, durable leather, Bar-tacked elastic drawstring
  • Full chrome tanned suede leather outsole for durability. Wider fit, shaped on a generous women’s last. Begin with street shoe size
  • Daisy print on the hung cotton lining, Unisex no-print lining for black colorway.
  • All dance shoes are to fit snug and stretch with use.
  • 5/8″ pre-attached one-sided plush elastic rolls with the foot and does not dig in
  • Therefore you will feel comfortable and relax while you perform on the dance floor.

Available At :

2. Sansha Dance Shoes 

Sansha is another popular and standard brand & it is another best dance shoes for beginners. In addition to all of the essentials, they make a variety of dancewear and apparel. As well as Sansha dance shoes provide excellent quality, durability, and style for every type of dance. The current top quality series from Sansha is their “Salsette 1 Jazz Sneaker, Sansha pointe shoe ” brand. As well as more Sansha shoe For women:

    1. Hi-Step Dance Sneaker
    2. Soho Lace-Up Jazz Shoe
    3. Women’s Electron Canvas Dance Shoe
    4. Sansha Pro 1 Canvas Ballet Slippers
    5. Dynamo Dance Sneaker
    6. Women’s T-Split Tap Shoe
    7. Dyna-Site Dance Sneaker
    8. Motion Dance Sneaker
    9. Ballroom Dance shoes

And Sansha dance shoe for men:

  1. Soho Lace-Up Jazz Shoes
  2. Sansha Tivoli Lace-Up Leather Jazz Shoe
  3. Pro 1 Canvas Ballet Shoes
  4. Men’s Latin Dance sneakers Black Soft Bot
  5. Moderno Leather Slip-On Jazz Shoe
  6. Tutto Nero Dance Sneaker
  7. Men’s T-Bojango Tap Shoes
  8. Motion Dance Sneaker

Feature :

  • Mesh, Suede, Satin
  • Suede Sole
  • Quick-drying, highly breathable synthetic mesh upper delivers comfort and breathability
  • mesh upper for comfort and breathability, laces for a custom fit, and a suede sole to help you glide easier
  • Leather/Canvas
  • Synthetic sole
  • Split sole construction for flexibility
  • Air cushion at heel
  • incredibly light and flexible
  •  an inner padded sole for additional comfort.

Available At :

3. Bloch Dance Shoes:

Bloch dance shoes deliver quality, support, fit, and style. Each pair of Bloch shoes adheres to industry standards of material and construction. As well as Bloch offers a full line of shoes for every style of dance, from modern dance to split sole dance. Top quality leather, canvas, and satin provide breathability, fit, and support in every shoe. The current top quality series from Bloch is their “Bloch Ballroom shoes, Bloch Tap Shoes, and  Bloch Pointe Shoe ” brand.

Bloch dance shoes of  women are:

    1. Bloch Slip-On Jazz Shoe
    2. Amalgam Canvas Dance Sneaker
    3. Women’s SFX Split Flex Character Shoe
    4. Boost Dance Sneaker
    5. Dansoft Ballet Slipper
    6. Women’s Annabella Ballroom Shoe
    7. Tap-Flex Tap Shoe
    8. Trinity Sneaker Dance Sneaker
    9.  Yvette Ballroom Shoe
    10. Tap On Tap Shoe
    11. Dance Womens Zenith Ballet Flat
    12. Canvas Boost Dance Sneaker
    13. Prolite II Leather Ballet Slipper

 Bloch Pointe Shoe:

  1. Men’s Xavier Ballroom Dance Shoe
  2. Dance Sync Tap Dance Shoe
  3. Tap-Flex Lace Up Dance Oxfords
  4.  Super Jazz Fashion Loafers
  5. Dance Men’s Jazz Oxford Leather Sole Dance Shoe
  6. Men’s Synchrony Ballet Shoe

Feature :

  • Leather and Textile
  • Imported
  • Rubber / Synthetic sole
  • Slip-on dance shoe featuring split-rubber forefoot pad and heel
  • Neoprene insert
  • Canvas and mesh
  • Platform measures approximately
  • The dry-lex lining is non-wrinkling breathable and odor/mildew resistant
  • Non-marking split sole
  • Heel measures approximately
  • A versatile leather character shoe
  • Suede forefoot outsole
  • Elasticized panel underfoot enables the Splitflex to move with the foot in pointe and demi

Available At :

4. Mirella Dance Shoes: 

Mirella presents an innovative approach to dancewear. It can make your dancewear dreams come true. Don’t compromise on quality or style when shopping for your latest dancewear update. With Mirella, you can have both think pretty but strong, stylish but durable as you pick out your favorites. Mirella’s design team has paired with fashion designer Jozette Hazzouri. Who is well known for her extensive construction around the human form, is a partnership of technical expertise in dancewear design coupled with a fashion edge.  Dancers will find the fit of Mirella dancewear second to none. you’re sure to find the perfect fit for ultimate support and comfort.

Mirella Dance Shoes Feature:

  • Satin
  • New from Mirella, the Whisper has an oval platform, wide box, and low profile
  • Plush inner lining and foam within the tip for comfort
  • Other features include a softer shank and curved suede outsole
  • Very lightweight and quiet
  • Fabric: Satin

Available At :

5. Miller & Ben Dance Shoes: 

Miller & Ben is another best dance shoes brand. This esteemed company from tap dancers/teachers Avi Miller and Ofer Ben got its start in Israel before relocating to New York City’s Tap Emporium 15 years ago. Dubbed “Musical Tap Instruments,” Miller & Ben shoes are hand-crafted, comfy, and ultra-attractive, designed with the performer in mind. The premium shoes can be found worldwide and come in a variety of styles and colors, including the “Jazz-Tap Master” for men and women.

Miller & Ben Dance Shoes  Feature :

  • Leather
  • leather sole
  • Heel measures approximately 1.25 inches”
  • Various colors & standard design
  • Unisex: Men, Women, Adults & Youth
  • Upper – Leather; Sole – Leather, Double Layer Entire Sole
  • Heel – Compressed Wood & Leather; Low & Wide ‘Jazz-Tap’ Heel; Height – 1¼ Inch; 32 mm
  • Price Includes Taps (Installed) and Complimentary Tap Wraps(TM)

Available At :

Therefore, these are the top 5 of the most popular brands. But they certainly will not be the only ones. At the conclusion of the time, the particular brand doesn’t matter. It depends on the high quality and the price of the product that is important and what actually works for you. So it is best to start the research of your regional shop or the internet. As well as check and analyze issues out, after that, you can confidently buy your new dance shoes products.

Fashion Tights For Dancing:

It’s important that while dancing you need to be able to feel comfortable, not to get too hot and also be able to have a lot of movement. Fashion tights can provide all of these! This article aims to explain why fashion tights are the perfect garment to be worn for dancing purposes, no matter what style of dancing! The fashion Hosiery industry has taken off and grown hugely over the past few years and has become a key accessory wanted and shopped by all. Fashion tights frequently appear on the big fashion catwalks, so why not add a gorgeous pair of tights to your costume on the dance floor! Throughout history, tights have often been worn for both dance rehearsals and recitals as they help legs to appear more toned and in shape than they sometimes are.

As well as professional dancing, fashion tights can also be worn for training, for dancing competitions in environments such as the gym. As these tights can be lightweight – (depending on the denier), they can often be much better to train in than regular tracksuit bottoms. There is a variety of deniers of tights dancers can choose from to make sure you feel comfortable.

Find the Perfect Tight:

The best way to find the perfect tights for you is to experiment with different styles and brands to find out which makes you feel and look at your best!

Some may prefer the thicker pair whereas others may just prefer a much thinner denier to keep as cool as possible. As well as choosing between different deniers you also have a wide variety of choice on designs and patterns too. Patterned fashion tights always look great against plain garments as they do not allow clashing of prints. Textured tights are also hot at the moment. There are many examples including fishnets and laces to name a few – but once again don’t clash textures with patterns (this could be a fashion disaster on the dance floor!). Also, lace or fish nets are probably the coolest to wear because they are very airy with their cut out sections.

However, a 10 or 15 denier pair of tights could also be as cool. (But wearing a thinner pair means you will have to be extra careful putting them on and also not to rip them while dancing!) However being a dancer you need to be careful not to wear a pair of tights with too many embellishments. This is because embellishments can get caught to perhaps dance partners or other things ripping them and ruining them. A great way to make your fashion tights individual and unique is to create the slash effect in them, often seen on celebrities. This can easily be done by simply making a tear in the tights and ripping it into a slash. For a distinctive look, a colored pair of tights can then be worn underneath the slashed footless tights so that the color shines through to create an illusion.

Square Dancing Fashion:

Square dancing is a traditional dance form with roots in folk and country dance. It has retained popularity over hundreds of years and is experiencing a resurgence of interest. This social activity requires strong physical coordination and a good ear to listen to both the music and the caller. One of the unique and engaging features of this dance is that almost every movement begins by holding your hand out to another dancer – a wonderful symbol of fellowship and unity. Both traditional and modern Western styles are commonly enjoyed, and modern American square dance includes square, round, contra and clogging.

Dancers are all ages and nationalities. Some do it just for fun and socialization others are more serious, competitive dancers. In the early days of square dancing, clothing rules tended to be quite rigid, and this continues to be true for professional dancers in competitions. Although clothing styles have evolved and relaxed somewhat over the years, there are some traditional essentials in square dancewear: Basically for women, a full skirt and frilly petticoat, and for men, cowboy boots, cowboy hats, and leather vests.

Dressing up is part of the fun, and square dancing fashion can range from simple and basic to formal and elaborate, although it’s important to make sure the fit is comfortable and allows plenty of freedom of movement. Proper square dancing attire includes the following:

For women:

  • Gingham or polka-dot dresses in wide skirts, usually in bright colors. Skirts may have alternate, colored panels or ruffled edges in a contrasting shade.
  • Puffed-sleeve, peasant-style blouses.
  • Layers and layers of crinolines or petticoats. These are commonly made of organza and come in any level of fullness, from a single layer to multiple layers that raise the skirt almost waist high.
  • Also acceptable is a prairie or western skirt. Western-style denim blouses can be worn.
  • Western dance boots or dance shoes. Comfortable sneakers are often acceptable.
  • Pettipants. These are optional, but women who do a lot of twirling prefer to wear something more substantial under the crinoline if their skirts should reveal the areas under the crinolines.

For men:

  • Long-sleeved, western-style shirts.
  • Men’s leather vests, or western jackets.
  • Dress pants or ranch pants. Blue jeans are sometimes worn.
  • Scarves, bolos (string ties), or kerchiefs
  • Metal tips on the ends of shirt collars and boots.
  • Cowboy hats, western hats or Stetson hats. Hats are optional.
  • Cowboy boots or men’s western dance boots. Comfortable sneakers are often acceptable.

There is some logic to square dancewear. The colorful skirts form beautiful visuals as the dancers move across the floor, and the petticoats not only look nice, but they provide stability when twirling. The men’s leather vests and cowboy hats provide a consistency to balance the square dance patterns. When dancing in pairs, partners often try to color match, which is usually a requirement in competitive dancing. Members of square dance clubs and professional associations may have specific colors they are required to wear, which identify them as belonging to the group. Square dancing is not only an enjoyable social activity and great exercise, but it is also visually appealing and fun to watch.

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