Asolo Hiking Boots Review :

Asolo hiking boots will keep your feet dry in all weathers. If you are into hiking and climbing, getting comfortable shoes  is important. They are durable, strong and comfortable. Whether you are a new comer to this activity or old hand. Asolo hiking boots will do you proud. You can easily do some research online. Asolo is situated in Northern Italy where many people enjoy walking and hiking in the surrounding hills and mountains.

As we know, Italians usually produce wonderful shoe and Asolo is no exception. The current top quality collection from Asolo hiking shoes is their Fugitve GTX, TPS 520, Power Matic and Drifter brands. Asolo Fugitive GTX & TPS 520 extra more durable & comfortable hiking boots. It is also stylish, fashionable #1 brand in the world.

Asolo Fugitive GTX Review :

The Asolo Fugitive GTX comes in a variety of colors and  it is very well made. It has Gore-tex waterproof breathable. As well as mesh membrane layer and water-resistant uppers. Vibram sole which is a special rubber. For a better grip it is replaced the once popular natural leather soles that used to be fitted with shoe  or hobnails. The sole is injection molded for durability, strength and comfort. One boot weight around 730 grams or about 26 ounces. Asolo hiking boots also comes with a wide fit option. If you do some checking, you will find a lot of five star reviews of this boots. People are happy with the comfort level they experience wearing these boots over all terrain.


  • Variety of colors
  • Very well made
  • Gore-tex waterproof breathable
  • Mesh membrane layer
  • Water resistant upper
  • Vibram sole with special rubber as well as better grip for its natural leather soles 
  • Also durability, strength, stylish and comfortable 

Asolo Hiking Boots TPS 520

The Asolo TPS 520 is also not too heavy. People like the fact that these boots suggests that your feet remain comfortable, warm and dry.  Whatever the conditions standing up to mud, rain and snow. Most people are happy to use these shoes when they are hiking or walking or climbing. As the sole is stiff.  It still makes walking easy and springy.


Asolo Hiking Boots Power Matic

Asolo Power Matic  is the best collection of Asolo hiking boots. Asolo Power Matic boots are design for the foot flexible, lightweight and at the same time resistant. It is fit for all and performance strengths as good as you expect. As well as It has dark graphite water resistant and shock absorb breathable shoes. Vibram rubber power matic outsole.   


Asolo Hiking Boots Drifter 

Asolo Drifter is an another good collection of Asolo shoes. It has upper water-resistant suede.  High tenacity nylon Lining. Gore-Tex performance comfort footwear. Asoflex 00 SR Anatomic lasting board. Vibram radiant  sole (rubber-eva). 

Hence All of their equipment comes sorted across different lines, such as Pugitive GTXTPS 520 , Asolo Power Metric and Drifter. These lines have different features and pricing items. They are also work with top players. As well as feature are given above together with Pugitive GTXTPS 520 , Asolo Power Metric and Drifter


Therefore there are lots of offers on Asolo hiking shoes. So research prices before you buy. You can easily buy them online or in a sports shoe shop. In fact it would be a good idea to try them on first to see. If you like them and good fit for you. After that you can shop around for the best price, whether online or in an actual local shoe shop. They usually retail around $200 – $300.

As well as If you are new to hiking, walking or climbing, don’t forget to wear a thick, durable, long lasting sock when you are trying them on. Almost all hikers depend on a nice thick sock to enhance their comfort level and warmth. The Asolo Fugitive GTX and TPS hiking or climbing boots is definitely one to be recommende. But of course you should try it out yourself. For this reason fitting the boots is very important which means you get the right size for you. However Happy hiking or climbing with comfortable and dry feet!