KEEN Women’s Whisper Sandal

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Product is rated as #6 in category Sandal
6.8 Price: $55.92 (as of 17/10/2021 06:53 PST- Details)

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  • Polyester webbing uppers are developed for a comfortable, quick-dry, and secure fit; nylon mesh linings upgrade solace and dampness control.
  • Cleansport NXT™ prevent odor-causing bacterial growth on the footwear.
  • Flexible 1-pull lacing and cord locks secure feet into footbeds for solace and protection; pull loops aid entry.
  • Licensed elastic Toe Guards shield feet from scrapes, bumps, and uneven terrain.
  • EVA padded soles absorb shock, pad feet, and offer delicate support.
  • Nonmarking carbon elastic outsoles offer excellent durability and magnificent traction.
  • Bungee lace capture system.


KEEN Women’s Whisper Sandal
KEEN Women’s Whisper Sandal Price: $55.92 (as of 17/10/2021 06:53 PST- Details)


Keen Whisper Sandal Review: Product Overview

Keen Whisper Sandal has an elastic cording that gives this lightweight and a secure fit, easy to regulate in or out of the water. The washable upper makes cleaning easy, and also the cushioned footbed provides comfort on the go.

Keen Women’s Whisper Sandal is a close-toed model with one rubber cord that helps to fix the entire shoe. It is a little more extensive compare to Keen Clearwater, and those with narrow or standard feet will end up sloshing around in them.

Keen Whisper Sandal for Womens has designed with a heel strap that is fixed with elastic. So it’ll help for the user’s heel to slide off the end of the sandal. It is not too much stylist but looking good. Also, it is perfect for those who want to go outside for morning and evening walks. As well as Keen Whisper Sandals are the best for regular usage at home.

On the potential gain, those with wide feet will probably get themselves more comfortable in the Whisper Sandal compare to the Keen Clearwater Sandal. Moreover, it performs well all through the water in and out. So it’s a perfect choice for boating or river hiking trips.

Keen Women’s Whisper Sandal Features:

The KEEN Whisper is evidently happy with hiking sandal that dominates in sturdiness. It’s a lightweight footgear with a quick-drying upper and grippy outsole. Its practically non-existent break on the schedule and defensive toe box makes it significantly more excellent.

It’s anything but all hits for the Whisper, however, as issues with its width, arch support, and heel lashes are misses that can’t be disregarded. To sum up, this lightweight climbing sandal from KEEN appears to shout a ton of benefits.

Traction and Protection:

Keen Women’s Whisper Sandal executions really satisfactorily on land and in water. Also, it is the perfect choice for hiking and waterway jumping for those people it fits (to be specific, those with wide feet). Also, it has a few defeats. The hauls are genuinely shallow and unpredictable, and they don’t feel very as grippy on any wet or dry surface as different alternatives. As well as the sole is a little stiff, which becomes less able to conform to contours or rock on the trail

Its loose heel strap is additionally a little problem for the people. The traction on the midsole is sufficient, but insufficient to keep the foot in place on its own, and the heel strap doesn’t make help. This issue possibly deteriorates when the footbed gets wet, so, during stream intersections, heels will slip off the rear of the sandal.

Comfort & Support:

The comfortable is mostly depends on your foot size. It is too much wide sandal, because of this, a narrow footed person maybe has to crank down so hard on the rubber adaptation cord that the Keen Whisper Sandal’s upper board clasped and squeezed into the top of the foot, which is entirely uncomfortable. But it is much more comfortable for wider feet people.

Without the above problem, each and every single material on the sandals are genuinely comfortable against the skin, and we didn’t find any abrading or sensitive areas out of the crate. Also, it is a high-inclusion shoe, thus it might make your feet hot, however, it will give substantially more airflow than a regular climbing or hiking sandal. The closed-toe box additionally made stone jumping and stream crossing substantially more agreeable, since you’re not in constant danger of pounding your toes.

Adjustability & Fit:

the Keen Whisper Sandal has only one piece of elastic string woven through the highest point of all of its straps. If you pull the string, then every one of the straps gets tighter. As well as if you loose the string, then all the straps will loose. This is much better if you desire effortlessness and disdain the possibility of dialing in a lot of lashes before you head out the door.

But this is not good if you need a custom fit since no tie can be changed freely of the others. Its toe box also wide, so when you try to tighten the cord enough to bring the sandal anyplace close to the sides of your toes implies extracting the life out of the insteps. It is a lesser issue for those with wide feet, who are more likely to adjust the inside of the whisper.

At last, the heel tie is flexible yet not in the least movable. This is an issue. The flexible isn’t sufficiently able to keep the feet set up, which implies the heels continually slip back.


Keen Whisper sandal for women is molded and perfectly thick while staying adaptable, and this gives a sensation of steadiness while on level or downhill path, in any event, when the path is rough. Moreover, the extraordinary width of this keen sandal considers side-to-side play, which causes the balance to feel less steady.

More regrettable, its heel lash isn’t movable and it is too loose, so feet will slip off the rear of the Whiper Keen sandal while going uphill. This causes it to feel ridiculous and inconsistent. In case you’re set on a KEEN and have a narrow foot, the Keen Clearwater CNX has a narrow footbed and a tighter (however still not customizable) heel strap, thus feels more steady.


For those with wide feet, the Whisper is fine for climbing, water sports, and light in and out of town use. Be that as it may, we don’t prescribe this model to anybody for hiking, since the heel lash issue is exacerbated by the heaviness of a backpack. This model is additionally difficult to bicycle in because of its mass, and the way that there’s nowhere sensible to stow the long flexible line that flops around when the Keen Sandal is fixed. It’s additionally not adequately polished to work with most outfits.


Some of the shoe testers were unhappy to wear women’s Keen Whisper sandals out of the house since their massive shape and floppy elastic string transformed a general task running outfit into a jokester dress. At the point when they surveyed with their relatives and requested them to rate the sandal on a scale from 1 (full revolting) to 10 (very beautiful), some of the respondents attempted to break the rules by giving this whisper a 0. However keep in mind, the style depends upon ourselves, how much score someone gets does not matter. If you make it stylish with your outfit then it is good for you. So if you want to go with the Whisper, go forward and wear them with satisfaction.


Sandals aren’t only for the seashore, particularly in case you’re wearing the KEEN Women’s Whisper. With polyester webbing upper and a Metatomical strap, you can travel rough terrain with a strong guard on your feet. A compression-molded EVA midsole guarantees agreeable support, while strong outsole grips wet and dry surfaces for solid traction. Augment your late spring experience as you rock the Whisper sandal over all types of terrain.

  • Washable polyester webbing upper
  • Non-marking rubber outsole
  • Compression-molded EVA midsole
  • Hydrophobic mesh lining
  • Metatomical EVA footbed


The price of the sandals is a little high compare to their performance. It is not much comfortable for all types of people and not custom adjustable what someone wants. Also, it is not gorgeous looking.

Care Tips: These hiking sandals are machine washable. Utilize a limited quantity of detergent, wash on delicate cycle, and air dry.

Keen Women’s Whisper Sandal Activity:

Lining: Nylon mesh
Topsole: EVA
Midsole: EVA
Outsole: Carbon rubber
Toe Coverage: Closed Toe
Gender: Women’s
6.8Expert Score
Elastic cording gives this lightweight sandal a secure fit, easy to adjust in or out of the water. The washable upper makes cleaning easy, and the cushioned footbed provides comfort on the go.
  • Polyester webbing upper is cleanable for sustainable freshness.
  • Metatomical strap configuration is adjustable for a safe and adjustable fit
  • The secure fit binding framework ensures coziness
  • Developed specifically to fit the state of the female foot
  • Hydrophobic mesh lining wicks away dampness for cool & dry wear
  • Compression shaped EVA padded sole conveys arch support for a comfortable step
  • Strong outsole grips wet and dry surfaces for the foothold
  • Narrow Width
  • Not good for those who have a narrow foot.
  • Some of the users feel insufficient arch support.
  • Some users said their heels slipped off the back of the sandal.

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